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Product Development

Our company  has affinity with Product Development and we co-think with you about the specifications of your new product and we jointly formulate the core characteristics of the product before we start the process.


Together with our extensive network of manufacturerers,such a Chinese plastics moulds factories, we will select the most optimal production partner, this information which quality and reliability is guaranteed says. In this way we will make you an offer that is not only in price but also in terms of service delivery and the right.  The structured approach to the innovation process is as follows:

Customer demand
Sample inspection
Delivery to customer

 In this first phase c3 design will help in finding the optimal design technologies and the right production partners. In this phase, quality drawn which are internally translated into control points in the process, controlemethodes- and frequencies. The specification is developed in China to an offer. 

If the offer is appropriate, we can proceed to produce samples. The final sample that is approved is the basis for the production. Here is one sample for the customer, one for the office of China Works in the Netherlands, one of China Works in China and one of the production facility in China so that no ambiguities arise.

During production, our people locally for quality. These checks are done during and after the production and possible after assembly. Products are then checked again before they are transported. We will keep you during this process constantly informed of the progress and the date on which the goods reach their destination and time. The cargo arrived in the Netherlands checked before it is sent to the customer.

Check, check, double check!