We opened our new main office Utrecht

Our office in Shanghai is now mainly occupied with organizing our rapid prototyping and manufacturing process led by a Chinese Manager. And we have set up a design office in The Netherlands to be closer to our customers who are mainly based in Holland, Belgium and France

Currently we are designing a new trendy sun tanning system for high end spa's and beauty-salons!

And other important project for us now is the design engineering of an eco filtered water bottle , an idea made up by a French investor

If you wish to make your product better, but you donnot have a cadfile we suggest to take a look at a wbesite dedicated to plastic engineering and reverse engineering.

Furthermore we have engineered an new innovative milk pack holder for PREZZZ b.v.

Plastic injection Moulds of this product have been made in China at the moment and send to a Dutch injection molder.

And last but not least we are proud to present our own designed creative toys for kids. Boys and Girls can play and create their own imagination in reality: by constructing buildings, animals or cars. The brand name is Lucotoys and you can visit our website here.

We heard even professional architect would buy our toys for maquettes