from mould design untill realisation

From design to realization

Matrijzenbouw  Triple-c for more than 20 years of experience in mold and tool making

• In the design and manufacturing of  
    > Single test molds up to 128-fold production molds 
     > 2-component molds for PE, PVC, PP and PET 
     > Turn Molds 
 • Repair and maintenance of existing molds 
 • Laser Welding 
 • Milling, wire and EDM 


In consultation with our client, we start from an idea, sketch or existing drawing to a fully finished product. We use an integrated CAD / CAM system, Cimatron, where we are able to give your product. 3D shape This allows us to customize your product according to your wishes and to optimize. for more info click here

Technology and skills

We use conventional machinery and CNC machines. That and thanks to a team of technically trained people enable us to manufacture the Most complex molds depending on the need and the product we make the molds in steel, hardened steel, aluminum, Amcoloy or other alloys. Here we use components of Hasco, DME, Meusburger, Moldmaster, Husky. 

for rapid prototyping with cnc machining see


Manufacture and assembly and test injections, done in our own workshop. This has important advantages:

• Shorter delivery time
• Accurate finishing 
• Reliability / Greater efficiency

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If required, we can even assemble your products in our modern injection molding manufacturing factory the desired products for you.


And we are proud to present our own designed creative toys for kids. Boys and Girls can play and create their own imagination in reality: by constructing buildings, animals or cars. The name is Lucotoys and you can visit our website lucotoys



If you have a fantastic product idea but you don't know how to bring it to the market here are some tips:


write all down , summarized on a a4

make a sketch

and ask yourself these questions : is it really new? or an improvement of an existing ( technical solution) ?

at the end you need injection mold tooling in china, you can check this webpage