C3 has developed a cleaning mop for the American market. The cleaning mop has a special container that contains a specific cleaning fluid. C3has been involved in all the product development stages: from the basic idea until manufacturing and delivery to the customer. Hereunder you see the second product development step, after the design sketches we have made quick 2D renderings to show differences in styling.

all the 3CAD parts together that form the cleaning mop later on mold making by molddesignchina


Our company C3 ( Triple-c limited registered in Hong Kong) provide innovation consultancy , based on the "technology University of Delft method" and based on our experience working within Philips and working with small and large enterprises, such as SC johnson. SES creative, And Pogo stick.

Furthermore we provide design, hand-sketching and ideation services.

Product engineering and 3d CAD (either solid works or Siemens N.X) is one of our core competences.

We have engineered difficult products such as electrical shavers, alarms and baby-seats. Design engineering plastic, metal and aluminum products.

We believe that prototyping in an early phase of the development process is important and therefore we have started a very close co-operation with china rapid prototyping