We have  developed a vacuum cleaner for the interesting emerging Indian Market. The assignment was to create an appealing vacuum cleaner. Extra special features were necessary to outstand the competition. 

For another customer Augewei we developed a cylindrical vacuum cleaner for the Arabian market.



Our company  provides innovation consultancy , based on the "University of Delft method" and based on our experience working within Philips and working with small and large enterprises. See also other webiste our industrial design studio Nederland for more information

Furthermore we concept and ideation services: ( Brainstorming, hand-sketching and first prototyping services.

Product engineering and 3d CAD (either Solidworks or UG) is one of our core competences. We have engineered difficult products such as electrical shavers, alarms, sun tanning sprayers and baby-seats. Such as design engineering for rubber plastic, metal and aluminum products.

We believe that prototyping in an early phase of the development process is important and therefore we have started a very close co-operation with china rapid prototyping. Once the product is fully developed and ready to market we can assist you in finding the right injection mold maker in china