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An industrial design company in China 




We offer product design and 3d engineering services in China, Shanghai. Our core competence is managing innovative design processes from scratch (market research) until mass production: A one shop service for all your product development needs.

We have 15 years experience in: Creating new , innovative products from scratch until manufacturing and all the steps in between.


Our advantages

  • One shop: product development is time consuming and an iterative process, information and communication between different experts is essential: Therefore it is easy to deal with one company that can handle the entire design process, prototyping and manufacturing management process: your information will be safe and communication will be transparent.
  • Dutch and Chinese designers under one roof, in our office in Shanghai. Think of the succes of Dutch design and the interesting new markets in China but also in other Asian Tigers
  • We have knowledge of global international markets because we worked for and with Forbes 500 companies. ( eg:  Philips NV,  Heineken,  Porsche,  Sc Johnson).
  • Profound knowledge of innovative materials and trends.
  • Experienced product engineering skills.
  • Knowledge of ergonomics and user-center based design. ( Human factors)
  • 3d cad design skills using Solidworks or Siemens NX.
  • We are close to the "factory of the world" so we can control the prototyping and production for you.
  • Invested in and co-operated with 2 of the best prototyping shops in Zhejiang (China) and Shanghai province.

Industrial design process

Because of our long experience and our university skilled industrial design engineer managers we developed our own simple 4 steps design-process:

  • ANALYZING: analyzing the market and the problem of our customer
  • CONCEPT CREATION: create innovative design concepts/ ideation and sketching
  • MATERIALIZATION: 2d and 3d design engineering and product rendering in 3d CAD using UG or Solidworks CAD
  • RAPID PROTOTYPING ( cnc milling, SLA or RTV) and production preparation.


We have experience in the following markets:

Lighting and LED ( we are currently design a new LED lighting for Canadian Customer)

domestic appliances ( think of teppanyaki cooking plates, cleaning products, vacuum cleaners),

automotive industry, medical industry, packaging products ( blisters cardboard), furniture, Electronics and security systems, products for children,

dispensers (Ideation for Sc Johnson)

Sports industry ( we design and prototyped Sports bags)

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